FAQs about Wedding Cakes

How much is a wedding cake?
Every cake is different, and as a bride you would probably want it that way as the cake should reflect your style and cake preferences. To give you an idea of pricing, you will probably need a 3-tier cake if you are inviting 100-120 guests to your wedding. Most of my 3-tier wedding cakes would range between £345-£375 depending on the style and cake flavours etc.

Can you do naked cakes?
Yes, naked cakes (no icing on the outside) and semi-naked cakes (just a thin skim of buttercream on the outside of the cake) are very much in fashion at the moment.  They usually have fruit, or flowers, or fruit and flowers around the cake and should be baked the night before the wedding to prevent the cake from drying out at the venue.  Naked and semi-naked cakes are cheaper than the more traditional cakes which are covered with buttercream and fondant or chocolate ganache.  A 3-tier naked or semi-naked cake is usually around £275 + flowers.

Buttercream Cakes
Cakes with a thicker layer of buttercream need to be stored in a cooler air-conditioned room as buttercream can become oily and messy to serve in a warm room.  I use white chocolate ganache rather than regular buttercream on the outside of all of my 'buttercream finish' cakes.  White chocolate ganache is basically white chocolate and double cream so it has the texture of slightly softened chocolate ie it does not crack the way ordinary chocolate would when cut with a knife, plus an added bonus is that it tastes delicious, who doesn't like white chocolate?!  A 3-tier white chocolate cake is £290 + flowers, a 3-tier white chocolate cake with coloured white chocolate eg an ombre effect is £300 + flowers.

Are the cakes real or made of polystyrene?
They are very real, and very edible! I do not like the idea of having anything fake about a wedding. There is a skill to working with cake and making something beautiful with it that can be shared and enjoyed by your family and friends. I only use polystyrene cake dummies for display at wedding fairs.
When should I order my cake?
Basically the sooner the better. I currently have wedding cake orders up to October 2021. That is not to say that I will not try to fit a wedding cake into my diary for a last minute wedding for 3 month's time, but I work alone and I can only fit so many cakes into my work schedule. It is also cheaper to book your wedding cake sooner rather than later as it means you will secure your cake at this year's prices.
Do you deliver the cake?
Yes, it is quite nerve-wracking driving with a 3 or 4-tier cake on board and I would never subject the bride to either the worry of collecting it, or the risk that a friend or family member might drop it or leave a finger print in the icing around the cake board! My prices include delivery and set-up within a 15-mile radius of Ahoghill. Further afield and I would need to charge a little extra to cover my time and the cost of petrol etc.
What about a cakestand? Do you hire them out?
I have a large range of wooden and glass cakestands; from rustic oak crates to simple glass pedestal stands to coloured glass and sparkly chandelier style pieces to fit all sizes of cake.  I charge a token price of £15 for cakestand hire if the venue is within 15 miles of Ahoghill. Further afield and I would need to charge a little extra to cover my time and petrol etc to retrieve the stand the following day.