Flavour Options

Traditional rich fruit cake is making a bit of a comeback; and it is quite possible to have a small rich fruit tier sitting on top of sponge tiers.
It is good to have fairly distinctive flavours so that your guests can clearly see what they are choosing.  For example, if you have a lemon cake and a vanilla cake the guests may not appreciate the difference until after they have selected a slice as they look very similar.
The most popular flavours are:    Madagascan Vanilla with Strawberry Jam
                                                Sicilian Lemon with Lemon Curd
                                                Sicilian Lemon and ginger
                                                Valencian Orange with Orange Curd
                                                Coffee with either Coffee or Bailey's buttercream
                                                Rich fruit cake made with Napolean Brandy
                                                Light fruit cake made with almonds and orange juice
With chocolate cake you have
several choices of buttercream:   Chocolate with Chocolate buttercream
                                             Chocolate Mint
                                             Chocolate Orange
                                             Chocolate Rose (think Turkish Delight)
                                             Chocolate Raspberry Ruffle with coconut and raspberry buttercream
                                             Chocolate Malteser - malt chocolate sponge with Malteser and vanilla                                                                                     buttercream.

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